The End of the Beginning: A report on Digital Transformation

Based on a world-wide study with 2,491 C-level respondents across regions and industries, this report compiles real-world lessons and practical tactics to help your company thrive in the modern economy.

Ingrid Hesser
Ingrid Hesser,

What’s working, what’s not working, what are the returns to expect in the near term, where are investments paying off, and what are the optimal next steps based on where you are today? When it comes to digitalization, there’s no shortage of questions. What’s more efficient then than learning from senior leaders who already gained tons of experience by applying digital to their companies? 

To find out what separates leaders from followers, Cognizant and ESI ThoughtLab conducted a worldwide study from April to May 2019 of 2,491 C-level executives and their direct reports across regions and industries and from a mix of enterprise functions. In addition, ESI ThoughtLab conducted interviews with senior executives in more than 20 companies across industries and world locations.

After that, we distilled our findings into easily digestible lessons that business and technology leaders can absorb and apply immediately. The report is written by Paul Roehrig, Head of Strategy for Cognizant Digital Business, founder of Cognizant’s Center for The Future of Work, and the author of several noteworthy business books.

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