Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

How well are companies delivering when it comes to customer experience? What capabilities and technologies are necessary for CX success? How important is a customer-centric culture? To find out, we surveyed over 2,000 business professionals and consumers.

Ulrika Mann
Ulrika Mann,

This research, conducted by Econsultancy in partnership with Zone and Cognizant, is primarily UK-focused but its findings are relevant to markets outside the UK as well. The research highlights six fundamental areas in which businesses need to improve if they are to successfully deliver against customer needs, close the gap between themselves and competitors, and eradicate the gulf that exists internally between what should be – and is currently – delivered to consumers.

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Among other things, the study identified that there is a highly significant gap between how businesses believe they perform and how they deliver against customer needs. For example, only 15% of respondents scoring their company 9 or 10 out of 10 for the online experience.

Furthermore, the study also describes an inability to deliver across essential organizational CX components, a lack of consensus across departments, severe legacy and infrastructure barriers, and a distinct mismatch between customers’ needs and desire, and what’s being prioritized by those responsible for the customer experience.

Download the study to find out how well companies are delivering when it comes to customer experience, and get recommendations that will help your company improve. You can also read more about Cognizant’s CX offerings here.

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