How an Agile Cloud Migration Factory Approach Powers Digital Success

By embracing a “factory” approach to hybrid cloud migration, IT organizations can more easily deliver enhanced operational agility and cost efficiencies, while widening the scope for business innovation.

Snapshot Insights

Snapshot Insights,

The hybrid cloud is a powerful digital platform that helps organizations advance with speed and agility. It enables IT organizations to create highly virtualized, flexible, enterprise systems that operate across in-house legacy, private and public clouds and to more quickly develop, deploy and integrate new enterprise applications and services, including Internet of Things (IoT) environments at the edge.

It also comes with challenges. Moving to the cloud can be difficult, cumbersome and risky for a traditional enterprise that relies on legacy, in-house systems to deliver services and revenue. Enterprises considering a cloud migration must choose among multiple service and deployment models, decide which workloads are best suited to the cloud, and assure that their chosen cloud model provides enterprise-level connectivity, security, compliance and service-level agreements.

This white paper details how a business services-led approach to cloud migration can deliver the greatest benefits with the least risk and how we help clients accomplish this by applying our industrialized agile migration factory. The paper concludes with recommendations and best practices for achieving demonstrable business outcomes.

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