How 7 Manufacturers Succeed in Industry 4.0

We’ve gathered seven case studies that show how manufacturers are laying the digital foundation to lower costs, boost revenues and enable market agility in the intelligent, connected era.

Ulrika Mann

Ulrika Mann,

The promise of Industry 4.0 is compelling: to unlock hidden business value through the merging of the digital and physical worlds. But for many traditional manufacturers, the reality is less than ideal.

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With little integration between operational equipment, IT systems and business units, there’s little chance for intelligent insights to emerge. Even so when investments are made in key technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and intelligent automation.

The bitter truth is that the full promise of a smart, connected industrial enterprise simply cannot be realized with disconnected, dysfunctional processes. How do you succeed then? The winners are those that do the foundational work of unifying, aligning and integrating operational technologies on the factory floor with IT systems, business processes and organizational models.

To help you find a way forward, we have gathered seven examples of manufacturers that are already navigating the shift to Industry 4.0. You can also learn more about the technologies behind Industry 4.0 and how Cognizant are enabling the transition to digital manufacturing.

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