How 19 Companies Digitized their Supply Chains

Learn how 19 businesses have increased efficiency, realized cost savings and prepared for growth by applying digital technologies to their supply chains.

Snapshot Insights

Snapshot Insights,

The new levels of customer expectations put companies’ existing supply chains to the test. Businesses that aren’t able to adjust and respond to new demands on visibility, personalization and delivery, face higher hurdles to retaining market relevance. 

At Cognizant, we believe supply chain leaders succeed when they leverage detailed insight about their products, customers and operations to formulate a distinctive customer experience. These leaders take their desired customer experience design and implement it into their processes, policies, data, systems and measurements. And they use enabling technologies to boost speed, visibility and intelligence in their supply chains.

We have gathered 19 supply chain case studies – from consumer goods, manufacturing, retail, life sciences, energy & utilities and communications – where the supply chain has been successfully digitized. Hopefully it can inspire you to start streamlining your own supply chain.