Forrester: Simplify Your Digital Transformation Journey With Hybrid Cloud

Many companies have jumped into the rapidly moving cloud space to serve a variety of use cases, teams, and developer types. According to Forrester, this approach fall flat without the proper hybrid cloud strategy.

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Snapshot Insights,

In October 2018, Cognizant commissioned Forrester Consulting to: 1) evaluate how companies are adapting both their technology development and deployment patterns as part of their digital transformation and 2) understand how companies were leveraging integrated technology solutions via the cloud to scale their business.

Forrester conducted a survey of 220 enterprise infrastructure and operations professionals from large US companies who are involved with digital-transformationdecision making. The results showed that companies undergoing digital transformation are looking to shift the way they deploy infrastructure and applications to a more hybrid cloud-based approach that will both afford the company better agility and better support business priorities around CX and competitive differentiation.

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Among the key findings are: 

  • Digital transformation initiatives are most commonly motivated by four things: 1) demand from customers; 2) pressure from competitors; 3) desire to improve innovation; and 4) internal demand from employees.
  • The need for customization for applications is a primary detriment to the velocity of digital transformation efforts as it impedes the rate of delivery for new business features.
  • Many companies are in the process of evolving from a focus on internal development and delivery to hybrid cloud solutions, due in part to challenges with technical debt from legacy systems (33%) and a lack of technical skills (roughly 40% on average).
  • Use of preconfigured solutions as a way to realize benefits sooner is on the rise. Ninety-three percent of surveyed companies see ready-touse, cloud-based, and as-as-service offerings, designed to fit custom business needs or industry requirements, as a valuable way to address digital transformation needs more rapidly.

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