Forrester: 10 Facts Every Tech Leader should know about Hybrid Cloud

What should you to take into consideration to successfully implement a hybrid cloud? This Forrester report helps you understand hybrid definition, current status and best practices.

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Snapshot Insights,

Leveraging a hybrid cloud framework for infrastructure is one of the best steps businesses can take to be digital. Why? Because to be able to respond to the market’s velocity, enterprises must accelerate innovation by reimagining their business models and reconfiguring their IT backbone to offer differentiated services. Here, hybrid cloud environments help IT play the role of strategic enabler by creating a highly virtualized enterprise systems architecture that spans the legacy infrastructure and the public cloud.

While cost of change and compliance are the two biggest proof points for hybrid’s relevance, no single deployment model serves all use cases. This report serves as a primer on multi cloud and hybrid cloud to help infrastructure and operations pros and leaders understand hybrid definition, current status, best practices, and how hybrid has advanced over the past few years.

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