Find Out the Culture Cure for Digital

Find Out the Culture Cure for Digital

Euan Davis

Euan Davis,

The millions of dollars invested in a company’s digital journey is money wasted if the workforce isn’t onboard. Work cultures that have grown up over many years, however, can be complex, slow moving and complacent. Leaders need to intentionally reshape the organizational culture to energize people for work in the digital age.

The fast-changing and quick-moving pace of business today demands an activist approach to shaping the culture. In fact, according to recent research we conducted with HfS Research, companies that intentionally focus on culture realize greater success, both revenue-wise and in terms of building out their digital initiatives.

  • Realign the workforce around a digital platform. Codify new leadership behaviors to envision the platform as the organizing principle for work in the 21st century and fuse these behaviors into the workforce. 
  • Use the workspace to catalyze culture. Invest in clever spatial design to speed the flow of ideas from people inside and outside the organization, attract the best talent and demonstrate new workforce codes of behavior. 
  • Empower teams to make decisions where they matter. Move power to where it counts by ripping down the silos and devolving decision-making to the edges of the organization, getting from insight to action faster with real-time data. 
  • Ensure people embrace working alongside intelligent machines. Emerging human-to-machine workflows demand robust people management processes to be developed in tandem so people feel invigorated by these new tools, as well as secure in their use. 
  • Use data to hyper-personalize the employee experience. Key into the reams of data surrounding employees so career goals are connected into an employee engagement strategy, boosting employees’ perceptions of their relationship with the company. 
  • Prepare to build a “workforce of the future.” The current workforce needs new hard (job-specific) and soft (communication) skills, and new jobs will also emerge that require a fundamental relook at how organizations develop and source talent.

It’s critical for leaders to tune the work culture to nurture, anticipate and propel people, and the business, forward. Download the full report to learn how to do it.