Field guide: The future of us

Welcome to the new net-zero era. To help navigate it successfully, we’ve developed a field guide to what this era entails, as well as the three essential drivers forward-thinking businesses need to embrace.

Euan Davis
Euan Davis,

Amid widespread dysfunction – a pandemic, a previously unthinkable war, unprecedented weather events, snarled supply chains, rampant labor shortages – it’s easy to sense the old world fading away, never to return. Less obvious, but as certain, is the dawning of a new era.

What is defining the new reality? It will be defined by a volatile planet whose citizens, businesses and governments discover new ways to function productively, safely, sustainably and meaningfully. It will also be infused with astonishing technological progress and innovation and hope.

We call it the “net-zero era”.

For business leaders everywhere, it will be essential to recognize the drivers of this new era and grasp what’s important and what’s possible. That’s why we’ve developed a field guide to what the net-zero era entails, one we hope will help business leaders see ahead, get ahead and stay ahead of the drivers shaping the future.

Download the guide here.

Euan Davis

Euan Davis

Euan has guided many Fortune 500 firms into the dynamics surrounding business, technology and sourcing with his thought-provoking research and advisory skills. At Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, Euan examines how work is changing in response to the emergency of new technologies, new business practices and new workers.

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