Study: Europe – Digital Superpower or Not?

Of the top 20 global technology companies, exactly none are European. Against the U.S. and China, Europe appears to lag in digital prowess.

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The U.S. is the undisputed world leader in software. In the last 20 years, Asia Pacific has become the hardware epicenter of the globe. Where then does Europe stand in this digital landscape; is it a digital superpower or rather a second-rate periphery player?

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European technology companies and policymakers need to take a series of steps that address structural flaws and emphasize strategic advantages to reposition Europe for digital dynamism. Execute on these steps, and Europe could enjoy a renaissance of growth and opportunity, charting a middle way between late-stage American hypercapitalism and Chinese digital command-and-control. Fail to reignite Europe’s creative genius, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be a non-European event.

In the paper Europe: Digital Superpower? Or Second-Rate Periphery Player? we examine the groundswell of entrepreneurial activity emerging across the European continent. Be it in gaming technology, cybersecurity, app development or blockchain, young European digital natives are beginning to develop companies with the potential to compete on the global stage and, in the process, make Europe a digital destination.


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