e-Book: Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Did you know that firms with high diversity levels experience an 80% performance improvement compared with companies with low diversity levels? This e-book reflects on inclusions role in the tech industry. 

Ulrika Mann

Ulrika Mann,

Most businesses today realize that driving diversity and inclusion throughout their organizations is an imperative. This is because diverse and inclusive teams are able to apply a broader range of knowledge and skills, they’re better at recognizing and solving problems that others may overlook, and they’re more likely to understand the real, often unarticulated needs of the people they design products and services for. What’s more, inclusive teams tend to produce better results faster because they operate with higher levels of organizational self-awareness, performance and innovation.

However, simply hiring people from diverse backgrounds does not automatically make your company a future-of-work champion. In order to make diversity truly inclusive, companies need to encourage their diverse workforces to work together effectively. This e-book highlights diversity and inclusion from different viewpoints, outlines the business case, and proposes three ways for businesses to effectively pursue diversity and inclusion practices to master the future of work.