21 More Jobs of the Future

Last year, we proposed a list of 21 jobs that will emerge in the next ten years in a world of AI, automation, algorithms, bots and big data. The list clearly hit a nerve; media frequently reported about it and business leaders referred to it. Now, we propose 21 more jobs.

Snapshot Insights
Snapshot Insights,

Last year, we published our first 21 Jobs of the Future report, complete with job descriptions, defined responsibilities, and required skills and qualifications. Before we knew it, they materialized as actual jobs at a variety of businesses, including our Man-Machine Teaming Manager at Cobalt Robotics, in the form of a Robot Manager, and our Digital Tailor as a Zozosuit at a leading Japanese retailer.

Now, we’ve identified 21 More Jobs of the Future that we believe are not just plausible but also essential to the future of our work. What’s more, these jobs are not just for the engineers, coders and algorithm writers among us; while some jobs (Haptic Interface Programmer and Flying Car Developer, for instance) will require a high degree of technical know-how, others (Juvenile Cybercrime Rehabilitation Counselor and VR Arcade Manager) will not.

Above all, all 42 of the jobs we’ve identified so far require skills and capabilities that only humans could do, which is central to our foundational belief that even with AI infiltrating all aspects of our lives, human imagination and ingenuity will still be indispensable. 

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