Reimagining Manufacturing

How to gear up to Industry 4.0 for a post-Covid world


Welcome to a digital event on 3 Dec where we – together with Scania, Orkla and Chalmers – explore how an Industry 4.0 restart can amplify sustainability and efficiency initiatives within manufacturing. All in the wake of Covid-19.

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Tech for Good

As Covid-19 inflicted a new, jolting reality on business operations worldwide, it also stress-tested businesses, not the least in the manufacturing sector. However, the urgency to come up with innovative solutions has also shed light on the Industry 4.0 opportunities.

As businesses now need to adjust to the new situation, there is a great opportunity to do things differently: to increase efficiency, flexibility and to advance towards sustainability. What are the biggest challenges for the manufacturing industry when heading for the connected vision of Industry 4.0? What are the strategies and best examples on how to level up; to go from the many proofs of concepts to scaling up broadly?

Factory Insights as a Service 
With contributions from our partners, a new SaaS-based digital transformation solution will be introduced during the event: Factory Insights as a Service. Powered by technology from PTC, Microsoft, and Rockwell Automation, the solution enables manufacturers to achieve unprecedented impact, speed, and scale. All thanks to real-time production performance monitoring, asset health monitoring, and augmented assistance to front-line workers. In short, it helps manufacturers evolve to a connected factory that optimizes digital transformation to improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantages.




When & Where

  • 2020-12-03, 11:30
  • Online Webinar

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