Snapshot Breakfast: Who Will Win The Battle For The Customer In The Future Of Banking?

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– The Next Generation Of Digital Universal Banks Or An Ecosystem Of Niche Players?

The Next Generation Of Digital Universal Banks

How can banks turn compliance requirements into offensive renewals? What online tools, customer experiences and services can make the future of digital universal banks being the customer’s choice? Or will the new ecosytem of the niche players’ fulfill more and more needs?

How will the new alliances look like – who will be charged for what, how will it be charged and by whom?

In short; how will the future of Nordic ecosystems look like in banking and insurance. Meet our thinkers and listen to how they see the ecosystem of the future of banking and finance and the digital possibilities to win the future customers.


From Regulatory Compliance to Customer Satisfaction

How Digitalised Solutions for Consulting Increases Customer Satisfaction  

Mårten Sundling, CEO/Co-Founder, Visi Finance, part of Söderberg & Partners Group

How can automated and digital consultancy strengthen the customer relationship? And how does the personal consulting relationship give added value when technology takes care of the heavy job? Listen to Mårten Sundling, the brain behind the iRåd – Söderberg & Partners platform for automated consulting – and how it has changed the advisor’s role, developing customer relationships and increased efficiency. An inside story of creating win-win.

Myths and Truths in Digital Disruption of Retail Banking

Michał Panowicz, Deputy Head of Digital Banking, Nordea

The digital opportunities have now reached enough critical mass to reshape banking and financial services. What will this mean for the future of retail banking? What will be the requirements of the new digital suite, of new ways of working and of the ability to drive change? What do the European and global examples tell us:  will the “new banks” actually be  banks? Listen to Michal Panowicz’ insightful conclusions and his view of what will be required of a retail bank to keep winning customers’ preferences in this new digital era.

New Role for The Bank Account

New Customer Values, New Partnerships

Johan Nord, Chief Commercial Officer, Trustly

How can new solutions linked to the bank account create added value for the customer? What are the current and future solutions linked to the account? How will tomorrow’s new partnerships in the banking industry and the Fintech market look like. Listen to Johan Nord and Trustly’s international journey with the bank account as a hub.

When & Where

  • 2015-12-10, 08:00
  • Stockholm

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