Snapshot Breakfast: Who Runs the Digitalization, and How?

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New ways into the digital customer experience and effective management of IT.

Who Runs the Digitalization, and How?

With new apps and fast changing digital tools, decisions about IT investments are made from various (and perhaps new?) parts of the organization. How do we open the door for these innovative forces and the growth of digital customer experience, whilst securing effective delivery governance?

Meet our speakers in the discussion around how you avoid the traps, how you bring in the new type of leadership – and direct towards a strong robust delivery and increased profitability.


 SAAB’s journey

Towards ”IT as a business partner”

Daniel Karlsson, Head of IT Product Management, SAAB

How to enable the digitalization of the entire organization, how to identify and benefit from the organization’s competencies and develop a modern IT management, where IT becomes a “business partner”? Listen to Daniel Karlsson on how an already highly digital company as Saab AB continue  their journey even further towards customer-driven digitalization of the entire organization and further development of IT.

Dare to go digital

The power of change management, the foundation for a strong digital strategy and enabling IT

Stefan Svärdenborn, VP Marketing & Branding, Trelleborg

How to equip an organization with curiosity, knowledge and confidence to dare to step forward and get involved – and to take the new, important decisions? What impact has been the culture and mindset for the opportunities to really push clear digitalization? And what will be the CIO’s role even when taking on the new IT strategy and the initiative plan? Listen to Stefan Svärdenborn and the successful digitalization journey that Trelleborg AB is in the middle of – major challenges but also new paths towards real digitalization.

Effective IT Governance

To Succeed in Digital Business Development

Fredrik Runnquist, CEO, Arena för IT

IT governance has been a primary task area for a long time and in many ways been crucial to how successful the business is. The governance risks to become complex as technology is not always easy and there are often many stakeholders to take into consideration, both within and outside the company. In recent years, new players have appeared. There are digital giants like Google and Amazon, but also lots of small start-ups starting in simple models. What can be established companies learn from them?

Agile, Innovative and Fast

My IT Journey with Instabridge

Niklas Agevik, Founder and CEO, Instabridge

Listen to Niklas Agevik on how technology and innovation can be built when starting with a white sheet and with a start-ups dimensions of freedom in choice of technology, strategy and talent attraction.

When & Where

  • 2016-03-18, 08:00
  • Stockholm
  • Meet our speakers in the discussion around how you avoid the traps, bring in the new type of leadershand direct towards a robust delivery.

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