Snapshot Breakfast: Internet of Things and The Rise of the Smart Product Economy

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You are welcome to listen to our speakers' IoT experience, interesting cases and learn how you can make IoT a positive and proactive tool to develop your business and strengthen your own position.

Snapshot Breakfast

IoT and the Rise of the Smart Product Economy

Internet of Things opens the door for innovations that can completely change any market by the emergence of new business models, sometimes from completely new players. But IoT is as much an opportunity for each organization, in all markets, to take the initiative in this innovation and technology development to put themselves in the driver's seat.


IoT as a Success Factor

Examples from Swedish and International Companies with research

Kristina Höök, Professor in Interaction Design, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

Kristina gives a fascinating insight into both international cases and exciting Swedish companies’ and startups’ success using IoT. This opens for disruptive, new business models that can transform a threat into opportunities. The future is fast approaching – come and take part of Christina’s most updated view of what is happening in the market and in research.

IoT in Reality

Husqvarna's Straight Track Towards Innovative Customer Solutions

Petra Sundström, Sr Project Manager Connectivity Hub, Husqvarna Group

Petra Sundström demonstrates how Husqvarna's strategy achieves increased ability to deliver IoT products to their customers. With a modular way of thinking and a co-creation oriented approach, Husqvarna have reached the next step to meet and get help from their customers on the future IoT journey.

IoT and M2M

A Strategy Game Changer

Rami Avidan, Managing Director M2M & IoT, Tele2 Group

With the large-scale, innovation driving and efficiency improvement solutions that the Internet of Things (IoT) allows, it opens completely new opportunities to implement strategic change in large companies, regardless of industry. Rami tells about Tele2's offensive role in the area and how a new world of IoT makes it possible for entirely new products and business development for large companies, how to change business models and thus strengthen its position. This may involve going from sales to service offerings - or simply being able to step into completely new markets.

The Rise of the Smart Product Economy

Euan Davis, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Cognizant

Whether it is smartphones, smart cities, smart cars or even smart toothbrushes, smart technologies are finding their way into, and around, the everyday things we like to buy. Learn next steps to begin making your own products smarter and seize the opportunities of this emerging information-driven economy.

When & Where

  • 2015-11-06, 09:00
  • Stockholm

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