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The Ultimate Customer Experience:

How to Envision, Build and Run New Offerings

The Ultimate Customer Experience


What is the secret code and strategy that wins the customer’s appreciation in the struggle for the best customer experience? What does the customer journey look like? How can you optimize all touch points and how do you identify the pain points that could endanger the customer’s experience?

Meet our experts who will share their customer journeys and strategies, including tangible examples of what is required to achieve the ultimate customer experience.


Towards leadership in customer experience

Swedbank has a high ambition to focus on the customer and, regardless of time and place, meet the customer with the right tools, the right service and the right offer. But what is required to really meet today’s fast-paced and critical customer market? How do you balance technology, digital assistants and personal contact?

Martin Kedbäck gives an interesting insight into Swedbank’s work towards leadership in customer experience, the chatbot Nina as a strategic touch point and how the organization’s culture, focus and work processes are crucial to achieve success.

Objective: Sweden’s most satisfied customers

Telia has a high set goal – Sweden’s most satisfied customers. And with that goal, two years ago, the internal team, Customer Experience Sweden, was established with the task of enabling the ultimate customer experience for Telia’s customers. But what is needed to increase commitment and get everyone in the organization to “live and breathe customer experience”? What does the logical, internal development process look like step by step and what thresholds and obstacles need to be overcome?

Meet Martin Nilsson and listen to his and his team’s lessons from two years of intensive efforts, strategy and operational work with Telia’s customer journey in building a new, even stronger customer focus in a large organization.

The limits of the experience – about expectations, error signals and the independent brain

What’s actually happening in the frontal lobe? Why are we so happy and get a strong positive experience once and feel skeptical or negative again, even though it seems to be similar to things we encountered and experienced? What are the underlying factors and what can we learn from the progress of brain research in the last twenty years?

Do not miss the opportunity to meet one of the country’s foremost scientists in Cognitive Neuroscience, Predrag Petrovic, and get an exciting insight into how the brain works and what it is that affects the inner images that shape the experience.

Collaboration for success

Reaching for the ultimate customer experience is much about close collaboration together with customer businesses, aiming for the end consumer experience – and at this seminar George will share some experiences from working with the global logistic company FedEx.

When & Where

  • 2018-01-23, 08:00
  • Linnégatan 87 Stockholm

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