Nordics CIO Executive Summit

Designed by CIOs for CIOs, the Nordics CIO Executive Summit on the 24 April at Grand Hotel in Stockholm brings together the brightest minds in technology. Don’t miss out on this exclusive event where you get together with executives across all industries to strengthen your organizantion's IT function.

Cognizant is a presenting sponsor and will host an insightful session covering 21 Jobs of the Future as well as Swedbank's Transformation Journey.

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Cognizant's Session:

21 Jobs of the Future
Soon, AI will be found in every job, in every profession, in every industry around the world. When machines do everything, lots of people wonder “What will we do?” That’s why Cognizant now proposes a list of 21 new jobs of the future. Say hello to the Data Detective, the Ethical Sourcing Officer, and the AI Business Development Manager.

Swedbank’s Transformation Journey
Over the last years, Cognizant has seen a major shift in how client’s view and address digitization; most have now moved from what to how. An example of this is Swedbank, who is transforming itself towards true customer-centricity across the whole organization. Join an initiated discussion between Swedbank’s Head of Digital Transformation and Cognizant.


When & Where & Why

  • 2018/04/24, 09:00