Cognizant Connect: Manufacturing Meetup

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Are you struggling to find the appropriate approach to digitalization on the factory floor? Is the lack of overall visibility impacting operations? How can you realize automated and integrated operations in a LEAN environment? At Cognizant’s manufacturing meet-up we recruited the help of Microsft® to try and answer some of the industry’s most burning questions.

We met star analyst Paul Miller, Forrester, whose international research includes Industrial IoT and its potential to alter the ways in which machines are built, sold, used, and maintained.

We also mingled with Cognizant’s and Microsoft’s manufacturing experts Andreas Rosengren and Ola Reppling.

They gave hands on examples, insights and guidance on how manufacturing companies are transforming their operations with IoT. This event took place August 21st in our office at Linnégatan 87D and could be watched online via Webex.

Manufacturing Meetup with Microsoft®

The Nordic countries are the most advanced region in terms of IoT adoption – 83% of companies are already running IoT initiatives. No wonder; IoT enables manufacturers to integrate their core asset-heavy operational technology with IT to align supply, production and distribution far more effectively. In addition, IoT also helps manufacturers to innovate by offering connected products and new services that tap into the data collected through these IoT solutions.

Manufacturers are also challenged with addressing the ever increasing needs of connected, empowered consumers. Manufacturers now need to engage more deeply with customers and consumers to drive innovation based on their needs and find new ways to add value. Microsoft and Cognizant can help address these challenges and accelerate your Digital Transformation journey.

Most initiatives are still small-scale while the opportunities for those who proceed fast are endless. To deep-dive into the industrial manufacturing possibilities, we’ve gathered three profiled speakers.


Senior Forrester Analyst Paul Miller

Paul Miller has an international perspective as he looks at the way IoT is creating opportunities in sectors from utilities to manufacturing and retail. His upcoming report Empower the CIO To Succeed With Smart Manufacturing discusses what happens as production lines and supply chains become more connected, and the technology, processes, and issues inside them move ever closer to the domain of the CIO. It highlights the importance of harmonizing your approach to digital transformation, inside head office, and out at the edge and asks where the leadership should be.

Andreas Rosengren, Principal Consultant Manufacturing at Cognizant

Mr. Rosengren guided us through the industrial IoT landscape and its obstacles and opportunities for Swedish manufacturing companies. Cognizant was recently recognized as a market leader in IoT services by ISG, a leading independent global technology research and advisory firm. We have helped a variety of companies to realize IoT initiatives at a global scale by building leading edge operations and supplier solutions that utilize our expertise and vast partner ecosystem. How do you go about to develop an organizational approach to leverage IoT, make your strategy come to life, and, uttermost, deliver real outcomes?

Ola Reppling, Director of Business Development for Microsoft

Ola Reppling provided insights into how Microsoft has transformed their own Supply Chain and production. You might not know this, but Microsoft has a large manufacturing operation with a global footprint and is facing the same challenges as our customers. With 77 million products produced, almost 400 suppliers and 30 000 ship to locations Microsoft needed to transform the supply chain to remain competitive. The real challenge wasn’t technical or IT-related and Ola took us through the journey and provided hand-on tips that you will be able to act upon immediately.

When & Where

  • 2018-08-05, 09:00
  • Linnegatan 87, Stockholm

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