Cognizant Access: The Future of Robotics

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The theme for this second session is the future of robotics – beyond traditional robotics development. What is realistic to achieve when turning to robotics, AI and chatbots? How far have others come? What are their experiences and challenges? Register now to our free event! 

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Cognizant Access

From experience, we know that there is a need for a forum focusing on discussions and information exchange among our clients in the Nordics. If you’re in a leadership position within F&A or HR, the forum constitutes a great opportunity to become part of an insightful, forward-thinking and challenging network with selected high-level members.

Cognizant will organize this exclusive forum – Cognizant Access – on a regular basis. Make sure to join now, and also take advantage of the possibility to influence the direction of the network in its initial phase. Welcome to explore your opportunities to achieve improved customer satisfaction, more interaction, and growth in the increasingly digital world!

Would you like to exchange experiences, discuss challenges, and meet peers within your specific field? Then you should join Cognizant’s newly established forum for our existing clients within F&A and HR.


Bart van der Mark: The business value of Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots and the choices you should make today!

Digital in general and Artificial Intelligence (AI) specifically are boardroom topics nowadays because of their impact on the strategic agenda of any organization.

It provides many opportunities but also raises a lot of questions. In this session, Bart will amongst other cover the following topics:
· What is AI and why is it relevant for both the CIO and the board?
· How to use AI to run your business better and different.
· Examples and results to date.
· What are typical pitfalls and which lessons have we learned so far?
· What can and should you do today and what does a typical AI road map look like?

When & Where

  • 2018-04-25, 09:00
  • Gothemburg

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