Workshop: The Journey Towards a Data and AI Powered Supply Chain

Workshop: The Journey Towards a Data and AI Powered Supply Chain

How do you start your supply chain transformation journey? Learn about what could be your first step: a joint Microsoft/Cognizant workshop where we look at your particular situation and identifies immediate actions. Aurelio D’Inverno, who is leading the AI and analytics practice for Cognizant Europe, explains more in this video.

Offering: Sign up for 1-DAY FREE WORKSHOP

Cognizant and Microsoft would like to offer a 1-day free workshop to discuss your situation.

The structure of the workshop is as follows:

  • Supply chain/logistics overview 
  • Opportunities 
  • Impediments 
  • Art of the possible, use cases examples 
  • High-level use cases identifications 
  • Solution items to remove impediments 
  • High-level roadmap 
  • Next steps/PoC 

The optimal workshop audience could be:

  • Business decision-makers
  • Supply chain analysts
  • Relevant IT personnel

If you'd like to learn more, also check out the key insights from the joint Microsoft/Cognizant seminar Data and AI-Driven Supply Chain in Manufacturing.

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