Work Ahead Survey: How Covid Affects Work and Business

Work Ahead Survey: How Covid Affects Work and Business

Even before the pandemic, work in all its forms was poised to change. Now, the future-forward script for businesses has crystallized: flexible, dataintensive and digitally oriented ways of working will be indispensable. Learn more in a new survey.

When the Covid-19 pandemic first struck, companies faced an unprecedented series of shocks. As the pandemic progressed, digital touchpoints with customers, employees and suppliers were essential survival tools. Businesses armed with deft, data-driven capabilities won a head start for their survival; organizations with data mastery at their core were best able to pivot, adapt and reinvent themselves on-the-fly.

When the virus recedes, its impacts will be plain to see as businesses scrap traditional ways of working, reset their workforce and double down on their technology investments. As we wanted to dig deeper into the lasting impacts of the Covid pandemic on workforce strategies, we analyzed survey data from 2,000 executive responses, among them 31% from Europe. Our findings are presented in this review whitepaper, a part of the full “Work Ahead 2021” research series that will be published later this year and into next year. 

The “Work Ahead” research series, which we have published since 2016, provides insight and guidance into how business and jobs will evolve as advanced technologies increasingly underpin economic performance. For the 2021 edition, we commissioned Oxford Economics to survey 4,000 senior executives, across 15 industries in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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