Win must-have book about the digital era

Win must-have book about the digital era

Will a robot take your job away? What will your company look like in ten years? Will it be Ubered? How do you get ahead in a world of AI, algorithms, bots and Big Data? Learn the tricks in a new field guide from the award-winning authors of Code Halos: When Machines Do Everything.

Artificial intelligence has left the laboratory (and the movie lot) and is in your building. It’s in your home. It’s in your office. From Alexa to Nest to Siri to Uber to Waze, we are surrounded by smart machines running on incredibly powerful and self-learning software platforms.

The rise of artificial intelligence is the great story of our time. Those who succeed in the next phase of the digital economy are not those who can create the new machines, but those who figure out what to do with them. Minute by minute, machines are doing more and more of the work we perform today. When machines do everything, what are you going to do?

When Machines Do Everything is a guidebook to succeeding in the next generation of the digital economy. Illustrated with real-world cases, data, and insights, the authors provide strategic guidance and actionable steps to help your organization move ahead in a world where developing new technologies are changing how value is created.

This book will help you:

  • Understand technology’s impact on the way we work and live
  • Find out where we are heading
  • Leverage the new emerging paradigm into a sustainable business advantage
  • Adopt a strategic model for winning in the new economy


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