White Paper: How 14 Companies Across Industries Apply IoT at Scale

White Paper: How 14 Companies Across Industries Apply IoT at Scale

What does a company need to do to succeed with IoT initiatives? In this white paper, 14 companies are demonstrating the reality of IoT-at-scale to fuel higher levels of efficiency, innovation and new business models.

Integration of information technology and operating technologies is driving powerful synergies – between the physical world of smart machines, industrial operations and facilities/spaces, and the digital world of IoT platforms, applications and insights. To succeed, organizations must have a strategy that addresses the four dimensions outlined by the World Economic Forum for this nascent Digital Age: customer expectation, product enhancement, collaborative innovation and organizational forms.

We have gathered examples of businesses across industries that we’ve helped navigate this epochal shift by examining their challenges, developing strategies, applying design thinking and leveraging our deep domain expertise and analytics. By doing so, we’ve helped them contextualize, imagine and create smart, connected products and solutions that can help them drive future growth.

Among the examples, you’ll see:

  • Manufacturing. Predictive maintenance, ongoing tuning and real-time information with connected equipment. Greater personalization with a connected platform. Eliminated production waste with track and trace possibility.
  • Travel and Hospitality. Real-time monitoring of equipment asset status, indicating issues like idling, underutilization and misuse. Digitized store operations to improve food quality and consistency, minimize consumables and reduce employee turnover.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences. Increased adherence to insulin treatment routine. Improved treatment accessibility by bringing medical therapy home. Transformed patient communications and coordination.
  • Retail and Consumer Goods. An enterprise-level platform for energy, operational and supply chain excellence. Connected vending machines that automatically order new products. A centralized services hub focused on scaling enterprise IoT initiatives.

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