What are your retail customers expecting from you?

What is most important for retail this and next year?

In working with some of the world's largest retail chains, we at Cognizant need to have a deep understanding for our customers' customers. That's why we have conducted a study where we analyze questions such as the best pricing strategies, loyalty programmes and personalization for retail

During Dagens Industri's Retail Conference which was held a couple of weeks ago, our own Lars Frösslund summarized the most important learnings from our study. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Create digital solutions both inside and outside your store to improve the buyer's experience
  2. Continue to gather data about your customers but in a respectful and rewarding way
  3. Improve your supply chain and be careful in your delivery - especially for first-time customers
  4. Ask the children (!)

Listen to Lars summarize these points in the video below.