Webinar: Turbocharging app modernization through DevOps

Webinar: Turbocharging app modernization through DevOps

On 12th May, Cognizant is hosting a joint webinar with Microsoft and GitHub focusing on DevOps and GitHub. Sign up now to discover to boost your app modernization through a systematic approach.

Every company has its share of legacy applications that are expensive to maintain and operate. A systematic approach to modernizing the application portfolio and reducing technical depth is key to staying competitive in the future. Continuously successful modernization requires technical, organizational and cultural excellence. 

DevOps can get you there. According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), “companies that excel at DevOps interactions are 11 times more likely to see double-digit annual revenue growth”. 

Join us on 12th May when we will cover the following topics:

  • Modernizing applications using DevOps: Implementing DevOps principles including organization and tools can dramatically increase time to market.
  • An overview of developer velocity: accelerate app development and unleash your organization’s creativity, technical excellence and security expertise
  • Developer velocity success criteria: discover the signs that you’re getting it right
  • GitHub: getting started, realizing this development platform’s full potential with Cognizant Microsoft Business Group and doing great things with DevOps
  • Advanced security with GitHub: optimize DevSecOps adoption and leverage open source without compromising security
  • Partnering with Cognizant Microsoft Business Group: assessing your app portfolio assets and supporting your app strategy in the cloud

Read more and register now.

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