These Are the Jobs of the Future

These Are the Jobs of the Future

Snapshot Insights

Snapshot Insights,

What work will be left for people when machines are cheaper, faster and smarter than we are? Cognizant now proposes a list of 21 Jobs of the Future, jobs we believe will emerge over a ten year period. Time to say hello to the Data Detective, the Ethical Sourcing Officer, and the Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager.

Concern about a “jobless future” has never been greater. The concerns are understandable – and work is changing, but it’s not going away. Many types of job will disappear. Many workers will struggle to adjust. But work has always changed, and we have adapted. Technology solves many problems, but it also creates new problems, that need to be addressed by people. Machines are tools, and tools need to be used. By people.

Based on the major macroeconomic, political, demographic, societal, cultural, business and technology trends observable today, Cognizant has created a list of new jobs that will emerge. We believe that these are jobs that will create mass-employment, providing work for the many people in offices, stores, and factory floors displaced or disrupted by technology.