The Vilnius hub: Where everyone understands you

The Vilnius hub: Where everyone understands you

What if there was a center where your customers could be serviced in their preferred language? There is, thanks to the in-house Scandinavian language academy at Cognizant’s Delivery Center in Vilnius. Here, language skills are combined with deep tech knowledge and industry expertise to support Nordic companies.

Cognizant’s Delivery Center in Vilnius, established in 2016, provides regional services and support for 17 different clients within insurance, banking, media and manufacturing. The hub covers all fields of operations and IT with a strong emphasis on continuous improvements through automation, robotics and process optimization, all delivered through well-established and proven processes.

Not only are the hubs’ 600+ employees fluent in tech, but also the Nordic languages. As the center is multi-lingual, its services are offered in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English, among other languages.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit Cognizant Lithuania web.

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