Telecom Giant Transitions to a Modern DevOps Model to Reduce Cost and Improve Stability

Telecom Giant Transitions to a Modern DevOps Model to Reduce Cost and Improve Stability

Declining revenues and increased competition prompted this major telecom organization to rethink its operational strategy. The company set out to slash operating costs, improve the stability of IT systems and increase its net promoter score (NPS) – a key metric for customer satisfaction.

An analysis of the company revealed that its operating costs and time to market were drastically out of line with industry standards. Therefore, the company issued a request for proposal that included several clear objectives: reduce operating costs by 50%, improve the stability of IT systems by 50% and add at least 20 points to its negative net promoter score (NPS) – all in four years. 

A New DevOps Model
In response to this, Cognizant proposed a shift toward a future state DevOps model with a modern IT platform to support it. The approach included a vertical integration strategy, keeping application development, maintenance and infrastructure integrated across business support systems using a single provider. In the first six months of the partnership, Cognizant transitioned more than 130 applications from large, complex off-the-shelf solutions using an agile-to-agile transition that eliminated disruption to quality, velocity and delivery schedule. 

Key to success was the structured approach and extensive training to ensure zero impact to the business during the transition. By collaborating with transition teams, Cognizant and other suppliers ensured transparency, strong governance and quick resolution when issues arose.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
What are the benefits so far? As the agile team matured from a waterfall environment to real agile, IT agile adoption increased from 10% to 100%, and testing went from being fully manual to 90% automated with no disruption to delivery. The company also enjoys a 30% improvement in operations stability, a 26% reduction in costs, and the NPS satisfaction score increased by 10 points in just one year. To learn more, read the full case story and learn more about Cognizant’s communications offerings.  

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