Study: How to Cater to Generation Now’s Digital Expectations

Study: How to Cater to Generation Now’s Digital Expectations

Find out the attitudes of Gen Y and Gen Z (Generation Now) toward connectivity, content and commerce in our new study. A hint: Covid-19 has served to accelerate the need to meet fast-changing demands in real-time or risk irrelevance.

The study was conducted online during February/March 2020 with 2,000 U.S. respondents ages 15 to 53 as a follow-up study to our 2018 research tracking attitudes, interests and expectations concerning connectivity, content and commerce among different generations.

While our new generational research shows that reliance on technology continues its rapid rise, the coronavirus accelerated its adoption, with “___ from home” (work, school, entertainment, exercise, graduations, birthdays, happy hours and more) going mainstream – literally overnight. 

Covid-19 is a real watershed moment. Now more than ever, end-users demand that technology anticipates their every want and need, and provides personalized experiences through highspeed connections anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the study findings:

  • 78% of Gen Z and 79% of millennials say that connected technology makes their lives easier, and 42% of Gen Z and 48% of millennials talk with a connected device (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) in some way every day. 
  • Respondents expressed a desire for the way content is offered to be simplified, with nearly half (48%) saying they hope digital entertainment subscriptions will merge into a single customizable package.
  • The two most important factors for Gen Y and Gen Z when making a purchasing decision is that it is “reasonably priced” and “high quality,” with price being decisive to 74% of Gen Z and 82% of millennials, and quality critical to 75% and 81%, respectively 
  • Respondents now feel more of a need to escape technology than they did two years ago – an increase of 8% among millennials and 15% among Gen Z respondents, who say they need at least some time to escape technology.

Those born-digital (Gen Y) and mobile (Gen Z) bring massive expectations to companies; they have significantly altered how brands attract and retain this demographic. Covid-19 has only served to accelerate that. Learn more by reading the full study here. Also, visit our Communications, Media and Technology section of the web. 

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