Snapshots About Automation From Different Industries

Snapshots About Automation From Different Industries

Experiences were exchanged at the Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast about Automation as a Driver for Skills and Agility from different perspectives and industries like Avanza Pension, Siemens and Cognizant – all with automation and digitalization as drivers for best customer experience. See the video to hear what the guests had to say.

During the morning, we also heard examples and benefits of automated processes with cost reduction and agile experience as the competitive advantages. The panel discussion added with fruitful insights:

  • Inspiration is coming out from the gaming, music and high-tech industries.
  • Use digitization as a driver to challenge competitors – there are plenty of disruptors around the corner.
  • It is better to start small and make it a part of a bigger process.
  • As a digital consumer, you can also ask yourself, what are your expectations?


Did you miss any of our other business breakfasts? Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for you to catch up and watch the recorded versions.

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