Snapshot: Sustainability in the Future Cities and Regions

Snapshot: Sustainability in the Future Cities and Regions

Cities and regions are rapidly becoming playing fields for sustainable development. Explore how Skanska, White Architects and Uppsala municipality work with partnerships, digitalization and new business models to craft the cities of the future.

During Snapshot Talks: Unite for Good (a co-hosted event between Cognizant and Stockholm School of Economics), one of the themes were how cities and regions can become more sustainable. Watch the 1 h video to listen as the following speakers share their experiences:   

  • Sofie Jonsson, Project Manager within Business Development, Skanska 
  • Monica von Schmalensee, Architect, partner & senior advisor, White Architects
  • Hannes Vidmark, Director Sustainability, Environment, Uppsala municipality

Cognizant is involved in several exciting projects addressing future cities. One of the latest releases around this area is the eBook Building a Hyperconnected City, where we have sponsored the in-depth research, conducted by ESI ThoughtLab, covering 100 cities. 

Also, check out the content from the other two event blocks: Science-Based Business: Unite for Good and Unite for Innovation: Unite, Co-Create, Act. 

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