Snapshot: Market-Driven Innovation for Startups and Large Companies

Snapshot: Market-Driven Innovation for Startups and Large Companies

How can startups with a sustainability agenda team up with big players, and vice versa, to speed up market entrance? Bright Sunday, Minesto and SJ were among the speakers at the Cognizant-Stockholm School of Economics event Snapshot Talks: Unite for Good.

Is it possible for an incumbent organization to speed up sustainability initiatives by incorporating a startup-like approach? And what about the opposite; a startup connecting to larger companies to access another level of capabilities? 

Find out by watching this 1 h video with the following speakers: 

  • Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto
  • Niklas Engström, CEO, Bright Sunday
  • Claes Lindholtz, Director Business Development and Digital Transformation, SJ AB 

Also explore the case cracking with Cognizant, SJ and students from Stockholm School of Economics, where a cross-functional team of tech experts and students came together to collaborate and innovate in a structured manner.

Also, check out the content from the other two event blocks: Science-Based Business: Unite for Good and Future Cities and Regions: Together for Sustainability

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