Agile Development Helps Telco Company Move Closer to Customers

Agile Development Helps Telco Company Move Closer to Customers

Siloed systems and slow development procedures challenge communications players. Simplified processes and agile development helped this European communications service provider move closer to its customers.

In general, communication service providers struggle with fierce pricing pressure, customers who are all too eager to switch providers and competition from new players such as over the top services. To thrive amid such challenges, they must continually reduce their costs while improving their customer service. 

For this specific European communications service provider (CSP), siloed systems and slow development procedures made it hard to react to services commoditization, pricing pressures and competition from new digital players. The customer experience was also poor. For example, to resolve problems, four separate self-service applications – for broadband Internet, television, home phone and wireless mobile – required customers to remember four separate passwords. All in all, the company needed to cut costs, simplify its offerings and focus development around the customer journey.

Speedier Innovations
Cognizant’s Digital Engineering and consulting skills, including the introduction of agile methodologies, significantly simplified and improved the customer experience. So far, the company has realized over $500 million in savings after implementing the agile development practices, together with a 97% reduction in the effort required to build and deploy new applications.

A new self-service application helps customers do everything on their own, from managing subscriptions to paying invoices, from any device. What’s more, they can use facial recognition and touch ID rather than cumbersome passwords. The CSP now experiences a 50% drop in call center calls. These improvements have enabled this CSP to develop new partnerships and revenue streams, such as letting tourists use its 4G services while in Europe.

To learn more, read the full case study or check out Cognizant's communications offering.

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