Rethink Quality – the game has changed

Rethink Quality – the game has changed

The new Forrester research, commissioned by Cognizant, reveals the importance of software quality and speed for digital transformation, as well as how businesses can achieve this goal. Here’s what you need to know.

In the fast-moving digital age, winning companies are under increased pressure to deliver a highly valuable experience to customers, both digitally and in-person, at their time of need. Meeting the expectations of digitally empowered customers requires IT teams to not only build software solutions quickly but to also ensure these systems are of the highest quality. This requires a rethink of traditional development, testing and delivery strategies. The stakes are high, as all it takes is one great digital experience to win customers from the competition, or one bad experience to lose them forever.

How can businesses meet this mandate for both software quality and speed?


To find out, Cognizant asked Forrester Research this summer to evaluate the demands faced by the application testing process in the digital age. In its in-depth study of 500 organizations, Forrester found that while many companies today embrace the importance of digital in theory, they are not universally converting that recognition into a hard focus on ensuring software quality and speed.

This is a mistake, according to Forrester, because software is what makes a business digital—it is the key to unlocking business success today. To release quality software without sacrificing speed, companies must make their testing programs more agile and embed testing more thoroughly into their DevOps practices. Only then can they achieve both quality and speed in unison.

A Cognizant-commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, recommends approaches that help businesses achieve quality at speed.

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