Reflections and interviews from the Di retail conference

Reflections and interviews from the Di retail conference

IKEA, ICA, MIO, Elgiganten, GRANIT, Clas Ohlson, HM and many more were at the conference earlier this month. We interviewed some of the speakers and participants.

For you who couldn’t participate, here are the most important reflections from some of the speakers.

Refresh your memory with some interviews with the speakers at the event. Perhaps you were one of those we interviewed?

Peter Nilsson from IKEA explains how important it is that all of IKEA’s various interactions with customers work together to form the impression of “one IKEA” that the customer has, and the importance of that interaction for the total customer experience.

Katarina Grapengiesser from Granit talks about how interesting it was to listen to everybody else who had the same experience as her – that it is many small steps that lead to big change rather than a few giant leaps.

Niclas Eriksson from Elgiganten presses the importance of the employees that will use the tools that drive digitalization. It is easy to get stuck with a multitude of tools and forget to bring along the people who will be using them.