Realizing the Promise of Industry 4.0 – 3 Manufacturing Case Examples

Realizing the Promise of Industry 4.0 – 3 Manufacturing Case Examples

The full promise of a smart, connected industrial enterprise cannot be realized with disconnected, dysfunctional processes. This is how Cognizant helped three manufacturers lay the digital foundation to lower costs, boost revenues and enable market agility.

With its vision of seamless connections, insights and workflows from the factory floor to product delivery and beyond, the promise of Industry 4.0 is compelling: to unlock hidden business value through the merging of the digital and physical worlds. 

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But for many traditional manufacturers, the reality is less than ideal. With little integration between operational equipment, IT systems and business units, there’s little chance for intelligent insights to emerge, even when investments are made in key Industry 4.0 technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and intelligent automation.

Here are some examples of businesses that we worked with to create a smart, connected digital foundation:

  • A leading U.S. tool manufacturer with more than 100 factories worldwide lacked visibility into its production metrics and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By gathering and analyzing data from its disparate factories onto an industrial IoT platform, the company could optimize resource allocation across facilities. Using digital replicas of its assets, processes and systems (i.e., digital twins), the company increased its ability to monitor discrete machines to prevent downtime and maintenance. The predicted cost savings are $100+ million over five years.
  • A global construction materials production company was experiencing high failure rates among the bearings on its production lines that used complex grinders and pumps to pulverize and produce cement. Its third-party predictive maintenance solution was ineffective, taking 10 to 20 days to identify anomalies. It implemented an IoT-based system to monitor the condition and performance of its rotary assets, providing real-time insight into the remaining useful life (RUL) of critical bearings. The solution analyzes operational data, and so far the company experiences a 5 percent reduction in production downtime and more than 99 percent availability of critical pumps.
  • A Fortune 500 U.S. manufacturing giant with six divisions and more than 800 plants across the planet, was keen to reach new heights of efficiency and flexibility with its internal operations. Each plant had its own manufacturing execution system (MES), which were all incompatible with each other and made it impossible to gain a unified view of plant operations. We worked with the company to implement an integrated operational framework to unify and align its shop floor operations, and we custom-built an MES that would work across all of its operations. This resulted in global visibility of shop floors in real-time across the enterprise and minimized disruptions. 

To learn more about these and more case studies, and the results they achieved thanks to the digital transformation, please read the full whitepaper Beyond the Vision: Realizing the Promise of Industry 4.0

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