Prime Minister of Norway Visits Cognizant’s SSV Booth

Cognizant was one of the main sponsors of the international subsea energy and technology conference in Oslo 20–22 March. Organized by the Subsea Valley cluster of energy and technology companies, the conference agenda was tailored to meet the industry’s main challenges. The key takeaways to survive? Innovation, digitization and transformation to become more sustainable.

Subsea Valley is an innovation cluster with almost 200 members; global and startup companies within the oil and gas industry. As a main sponsor, Cognizant attended the conference to share its domain expertise – information technology services to enhance digital transformation in the oil and gas industry, where the acquisition of Frontica in 2016 plays a major part.

For those who didn’t attend the conference or want a recap, these are the highlights of Cognizant’s participation:

  • A vision of the digital future. As Cognizant’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, keynote speaker Malcolm Frank inspired the audience with his presentation “What to do when the machines do everything”. Our jobs are not getting obsolete when robots and automation invade business and society. What are the positive aspects of the digital future and how can companies apply AI to their business? Watch video How to get ahead in a world of AI, bots, and big data or visit the web site.
  • The new decision support solution. The 70 m2 Cognizant booth showcased AVEVA Engage, a decision support solution that allows you to interact in a 3D model of a plant or installation. The solution provides a new way to exploit your digital asset information to improve collaboration and decision making across the organization. Thanks to its simple and intuitive touch-driven interface, you get access to an all visualized and navigable model in an Ultra-High Definition (UHD) view.
  • Use of drones for image capturing. Cognizant also held a live demonstration of how to use drones to capture images of a plant or physical installations. Video and pictures, together with data sensors, generate large amounts of data that can be analyzed by utilizing Cognizant’s big data analytics and AI platform. From flight operations to analytics to infrastructure support, Cognizant’s Drone Analytics Information Servicespractice consolidates the vast skillsets and areas of expertise needed to integrate drones and its opportunities into your organization’s operations.

Other solutions that Cognizant demoed during SSV included digital workforce management, industrial mobility, the SAP connected factory solution, operational intelligence with IoT solutions that enable a real time view of assets, how to automate different processes, and the overall impacts of Industry 4.0.

Last but not least, Cognizant enjoyed a proud moment when the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg visited the booth to try out the drone herself and inspect the oil installation through DJI goggles.

For more information on Cognizant’s energy, oil and gas capabilities, visit our web site.