New Report: How Will Tech Transform Your Work?

New Report: How Will Tech Transform Your Work?

The Center for Future of Work has released a new report: From/To. It covers 42 of the most powerful technological, business and societal trends that we see impacting work now and in the immediate future.

With digitization, the world of work is changing at unprecedented pace. The rise of robots, machine intelligence, distributed ledgers, quantum physics, gig labor, privacy matters, software – all these trends point to a new world that differs from anything we’ve ever seen, or worked in, before. 

E-book: Diversity & Incusion in Tech

The companies set to thrive in the new landscape are those that excel in the application of digital tools and processes. Successful businesses are already modernizing their environments, extracting more value from their data, deepening their understanding of their customers, innovating faster, and migrating their operations to the cloud – all to become more competitive.

Download the From/To report to explore what work will look like tomorrow and what you should do to stay ahead.

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