New IT Support for Better Solvency

New IT Support for Better Solvency

Daniel Castano

Daniel Castano,

How can IT improve essential processes within banking, finance, and insurance? What would happen if you could focus on analysis instead of code? How can a deeper understanding of human behavior differentiate your organization? Hear what the experts have to say.

During an event in Stockholm, Cognizant gathered experts within banking, finance and insurance to discuss a new powerful framework. Listen to Anders Bechet, Head of CFO IT, Storebrand, as he talks about the new actuary concept that enables up to 50 times faster Solvency II reporting, minimization of capital requirements, and faster execution of model changes (in Swedish). You can also listen to financial journalist Patricia Hedelius who talks about risk management and insurance industry trends (in Swedish), and Jamesa Brown, Head of Digital Strategy, Cognizant, who explains why insurance companies must study and act upon human behavior. Don’t miss the interesting, final panel discussion.

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