Moving from BI to AI – the Questions You Should Ask

Moving from BI to AI – the Questions You Should Ask

Caroline Holmqvist

Caroline Holmqvist,

Cognizant recently sponsored BeslutsstödsDagen and hosted a round table discussion around “Next generation customer interaction based on AI and next best action”. Here, Cognizant’s analytics specialist Caroline Holmqvist reflects on the questions companies need to ask as they embark on their AI journey.

BeslutsstödDagen left us with a mixed feeling. The good surprise was to see that some companies were moving towards Footfall Analytics, meaning analysing people movement in space. This is a tremendous potential not only for traffic planning but also for security matters. We were also delighted to hear about several AI solutions aiming to enhance customer experience in the service sector.

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At the same time, we also realized that while most companies consider AI as a strong competitive advantage, they are still struggling with BI Self-Service. Why is true Self-Service BI so difficult to achieve? There were several attempts to answer this question during the day and most answers pointed out the lack of BI strategy and the weakness in breaking down company high-level targets into a value oriented BI support. The dilemma was smartly summarized by Professor van Nieuwenhuyse: “If you don’t ask the proper question, all your answers will be wrong”. 

No doubt that BI Self-Service is an important component of decision making. However, we would still recommend you to simultaneously kick off your AI journey and, above all, develop an understanding of how AI could improve your processes, enhance your customer experience and boost your innovation. Where to start then?

From my point of view, based on experience from several AI projects, I’d say that answering the questions below will push you towards AI adoption: 

-  What are the right use cases and subject areas to start with?
-  What infrastructure investments are required?
-  What is the right technology of choice?
-  How to drive adoption of the AI solution at scale?
-  How to tackle change management and address employees concerns about the impact of AI on their jobs?
-  How to hire and incubate the right skill set for the AI journey?

Being a Cognizant representative, I feel confident that we are a relevant partner to kick off and/or support your AI adoption, regardless of where you are in this journey. How can I be so confident? Because we have been advising our customers worldwide to articulate an actionable data strategy and already have concrete AI use cases to share. 

To guide your imagination, we have gathered a range of real-world AI examples where we have helped companies across industries. They are all organizations like yours, organizations that have found AI to be part of the solution to accelerate decision making, improve business processes, enhance user engagement, reduce costs and drive remarkable growth and profitability.

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