Learn to infuse human insights into your digital solutions

Succeeding in the digital economy means balancing new technologies with a deep understanding of human wants and needs. What if you could step out of your everyday environment to work shoulder to shoulder with experts to blueprint, prototype, and build better digital experiences for the future? The Collaboratory is a dedicated, creative space where this scenario becomes a reality.

The Cognizant Digital Works Collaboratory is a physical space, that spans across New York, Amsterdam, Melbourne and London. This is where clients come to work on digital solutions together with designers, strategists, technologists and data scientists:

The facilities integrate elements like IoT and AI in a practical, creative way that will help companies to innovate securely and quickly. Each Collaboratory provides clients with access to the end-to-end managed innovation offerings of Cognizant Digital Business — integrating human insight, strategy, design, analytics.

At the event Human-Driven Innovation in Tech, in Stockholm 4th of September or via livestream, you can learn more about how digital innovation center The Collaboratory can help to turn new ideas into products and services. Don't miss it!