Key Takeaways from Avanza, Siemens and Cognizant on Automation Snapshot Breakfast

At the latest Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast about Automation as a Driver for Skills and Agility our experts shared their experiences and predictions on the use of modern automation and digitalization for better customer experience. In the video the speakers, Annika Saramies, CEO at Avanza Pension, Mats Friberg, VP & MD for Nordic Operation at Siemens Industry Software AB and Bart van der Mark, AVP for Intelligent Automation Europe at Cognizant share their takeaways and best advice.

Here are some links the speakers mentioned in their presentations:

The Robot and I - How robots will help humans in all industries.
Will a robot take your job? - BBC's test shows the jobs that are in the risk zone.
Avanzas portföljgenerator - Generate a portfolio with Avanza's solution.
Who Moved My Cheese? - The book that inspired Mats Friberg.
Boston Dynamics Robot - The robot that walks on rough ground.

Did you miss any of our other business breakfasts? Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for you to catch up and watch the recorded versions.

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