Key Takeaways from ”Automation in the Age of Personalization”

Automation is a hot topic that resulted in a fully booked business breakfast at Cognizant's office on Friday, December 9th. Automation can be applied and bring instant value across a range of areas, which speakers from Schenker Logistics, Tele2, Chalmer's University of Technology and Cognizant presented good examples of during the seminar.

Anders Holmberg from Schenker Logistics talked about how their automated parcel and delivery process results in the stores moving into logistics warehouses and employees moving to the delivery and sales stages.

Tele2's Kim Leandersson shared Stenbeck's vision of Talent Management highlighting the importance of having the right attitude, how to empower innovation with Hack days and to also celebrate small victories.

Åsa Fast-Berglund from Chalmer's University of Technology shared her forward-looking views on Robotics with personalized workstations where physical and cognitive automation are combined.

From the latest insights on automation, Euan Davis from Cognizant emphasized that it's becoming clearer and clearer that it is about people and it's people that will drive digitalization.

The seminar's panel discussion highlighted that the focus on automating back-office processes will shift to a merger of front- and back-office automation with human customer service as a tangible example.

In Japan, the interaction with the robotics in elderly care is trending and we will certainly see more of it in the near future. In the collaboration between humans and robots that Åsa has experienced, she sees that genuine relationships are built, where it begins by giving robots names to expect feedback and talk about them in the same way as a co-worker.

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