Join webinars to fast-track your GDPR readiness

Join webinars to fast-track your GDPR readiness

Ulrika Mann

Ulrika Mann,

With about three months to deadline, it’s important to focus on HOW to get GDPR done. In a series of three webinars, Cloudera, Informatica and Cognizant cover what GDPR enabling capabilities that are required, how you put a proper solution in place, and why you should look beyond May 25th.

GDPR is one of the most complex pieces of legislation written in recent times, and May 25this approaching at rocket speed. But compliancy is just the starting point; planned and executed correctly the new data estate can also pave the way for long-term business benefits. This is why it’s essential to build a foundation that fulfills the compliance requirements AND enables innovation.

Welcome to a series of seminars that addresses the whole GDPR journey:

Part 1: Preparing for Compliance (on-demand). How tech and processes are stitched together to capture a company’s GDPR relevant data. Practical examples on how to apply data discovery, minimization, protection and security.

Part 2: Living Compliance(March 15th).Preparing for GDPR is one thing, living the regulation something else. After setting the foundation for a data subject hub, companies must focus on the data subject access rights.

Part 3: Beyond May 2018 (April 12th). Compliance achieved, check. Now what? Your new data estate entails new opportunities for innovation by making better use of data subject information. You need to focus on fulfilling the data subject access rights.

A majority of organizations will spend most of their time preparing for GDPR – a hard-enough effort indeed. However, though compliance in itself carries obvious benefits, monetary as well as reputational, those who manage to walk that extra mile will be better positioned to also harvest the arising business opportunities. Learn more and sign up for the webinars.