Join Online Telco Event: 5G Techritory Forum

Join Online Telco Event: 5G Techritory Forum

On Nov 11–12 2020, for the third year in a row, 5G Techritory brings together the world’s top 5G players to set up the 5G agenda in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. Cognizant will host a session on 5G data privacy and ethical dilemma. Register now for your free conference pass.

The two-day 5G Techitory event takes place online across four virtual stages and gathers over 120 senior-level speakers from Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, DOCOMO, AT&T, among others, that will cover topics such as:

- What the 1st year of 5G has looked like for mobile operators, vendors, and chip designers, and why some regions are faster to deploy 5G than others?
- 5G national strategies: spectrum, deployment, and adoption. What are the main differences between “5G-friendly” countries and those lagging behind?
- 5G investments and funding: who will pay for 5G?
- How 5G networks can empower vertical industries: from airports and railways to drones and cities, and everything in between
- Accelerating 5G deployment in Europe: what to European stakeholders need to do to secure their place as 5G leaders?

On Nov 12, Graham Thomas, Global Head of Data Privacy & Ethics at Cognizant, will moderate the session 5G data privacy & ethical dilemma together with high-profile speakers:

- Mikko Niva, Global Privacy Officer at Vodafone
- Dario Betti, CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum
- Eamonn O’Neill, Professor, Director, UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI, University of Bath
- Frank Wagnar, Vice President, Group Privacy Business, Services & Infrastructure, Deutsche Telekom

They will discuss 5G beyond just technology; the privacy/ethical aspects, protecting protocols that could be added to allow customers more control of their data, tracking of individuals in social networks, etc.   

To get access to all the interesting sessions, register for free now.

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