Join Machine Learning and Analytics Workshop 4 Dec

Join Machine Learning and Analytics Workshop 4 Dec

Businesses know they need to digitally transform to become more data-driven, but the building blocks, tools and approaches behind it aren’t always that obvious. Welcome to a co-hosted event, where Microsoft, Cloudera, and Cognizant together cover the fundamentals for a truly data-driven enterprise.

Data differentiates. Most businesses know that by now, and many have begun their own journey. Still, quite a few lack insights into how more mature analytics help automate the decision-making process and fuel innovation. 

How do you unlock value from existing investments in big data? How do you handle scale issues? How can you accelerate your own AI journey? The event, which takes place in Copenhagen on the 4th of Dec, addresses the matters that need to be considered for a successful data-driven digital transformation:    

  • The crucial elements that help organizations unlock value at scale through data: machine learning, analytics and cloud.
  • Examples on how organizations can put these technologies to work for innovation and differentiation.
  • How to gain more muscles and agility by going from on-premises solutions to the cloud via hybrid infrastructures.

Cognizant’s Anoop Sharma, Lead AIA Practice, will specifically talk about how to unlock value through machine learning and how businesses can go from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive intelligence. He will also exemplify how Cognizant have helped businesses enable a data driven culture by applying AI, cognitive science, insights into human behavior and a platform approach. There will also be a demonstration of an AI infused customer journey and how cognitive intelligence can add value in health care. 

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