Join event on Human-Driven Innovation in Tech

Join event on Human-Driven Innovation in Tech

How did some of the world’s best-known brands reinvent themselves by understanding the customers? How can companies apply more in-depth insights to design and leverage future customer journeys? It’s all about looking beyond what people say to understand what they truly think – and the intersection between humans and tech is where the magic happens.

To what extent can you refine the customer experience without getting to know your customers in-depth? When psychologists, anthropologists, designers and technologists come together, new insights into human behavior and how to meet people’s various needs pave the way for a truly customer-centric business.

With the customer at heart, new opportunities for innovation emerge. But the question is how you get under the skin of your customer and how you make the insights actionable? We have gathered some interesting, innovative companies that will share their views on how a human-driven approach can be a springboard to new business. Among the highlights, you’ll find:

  • Why companies depend on human insights and understanding as technology becomes the DNA of business.
  • ReD Associates, a strategy consulting company based on the human sciences, describes how corporations can go beyond what people say to understand what they think and want.
  • Digital agency Mirabeau explains how they helped a leading airline company turn their client-satisfaction around.
  • Cognizant expert outlines how companies can apply the new insights to design the future business.


Register now​​​​ to join this lunch session, stand-alone but in connection to Sthlm Tech Fest, at Stockholm Waterfront on the 4th of September at 12:30 pm–2:00 pm.