IoT analytics? Start with this self-assessment.

IoT analytics? Start with this self-assessment.

Ulrika Mann

Ulrika Mann,

To increase the odds that IoT analytics will succeed, it's a good idea for manufacturers to start with a self-assessment using the following steps:

Understand product usage scenarios in consumer/industrial applications.

  1. Analyze product portfolio and establish value of instrumenting products.
  2. Identify key stakeholders and their needs, to orient analytics toward addressing business challenges. Identify the processing and decision-making required at every level and stage of the IoT network (primarily focused on reporting and advanced analytics).
  3. Detail business-critical insights and their application at multiple points in the ecosystem.
  4. Lay down an approach for making IoT analytics distributed both in terms of information analysis and usage of insights. This includes detailing the strategy, including the use of edge analytics.
  5. Make data/information/insights an integral part of systems and processes within the organization and extended ecosystem.
  6. Establish decision-making logic based on insights drawn from advanced analytics.

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