Intelligent process automation (IPA) Boosts Sales Performance at European Telecom

Intelligent process automation (IPA) Boosts Sales Performance at European Telecom

This telecom player wanted to increase revenues by improving sales team productivity and increasing the speed and accuracy of its quoting process. Thanks to IPA, the company now experiences a 90% reduction in average handling time for customer quotes.

Accelerating quote delivery can give a carrier an advantage over slower competitors. This European telecom company had identified that its existing quoting process included multiple, cumbersome manual steps that were time-consuming and risked scare customers off. For example, routing a request for a quote to the proper team and person could take an average of five minutes. Completing the installed base verification required an average of 30 minutes per quote. There was also always a risk of human error along the way. 

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It thus turned to Cognizant to help improve the whole quoting process – uttermost to increase the productivity of its sales team. Cognizant set out to design and implement an intelligent process automation solution. Because the client had extensively customized its applications, we built bots from the ground up to work alongside the sales associates who had previously performed the repetitive tasks.

The bots interact with sales associates and client systems, including Salesforce, to streamline key tasks such as verifying customers’ existing telecom connections to improve quote accuracy. This has greatly improved sales efficiency while reducing operating costs: 

  • 90% reduction in average handling time (300 seconds to 30 seconds) for dispatching quote requests 
  • 93.3% reduction in AHT (30 minutes to 2 minutes) for installed base validations 
  • €170,000 operational cost saved per annum 
  • 7,100 hours of manual processing saved 
  • 100% accuracy achieved

To learn more, read to full case story. Also, learn how process automation helped BT and how agile development practises made this telecom player realize major savings.

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